Infographics Compendium II - ThrowHelper, null Task and more


This edition has the following infographics:

  • ConfigureAwait on IAsyncDisposable
  • Index in foreach
  • Non-destructive mutations with struct
  • Returning null for a Task
  • Throw-Helper
  • verbatim strings

Configure Await Foreach Index Non Destructive Null Task Throw helper verbatim

Infographics Compendium I - Generators, pure functions and more

Sometimes I publish parts of my infographics I publish on various channels with more explanation.

And then sometimes I don't. This time I just put some of my (hopefully self-explanatory) infographics here.

  • Pure functions
  • Generator functions
  • Cost of anonymous types

Expression-bodied members in properties

Are these two expressions the same?

public class MyClass
    public int A { get; } = Random.Shared.Next(1000);
    public int B => Random.Shared.Next(1000);

Infographics Compendium III - Exceptions, EF Sanitized, Operators, ...

This edition has the following infographics:

  • DebuggerDisplayAttribute
  • Entity Framework input and LINQ - is it safe?
  • ExceptionDispatchInfo
  • implicit and explicit operator

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