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The garbage collector in .NET

This article will talk about the garbage collector in .NET. Why do we have and need him? And why it is important to understand the behavior to know what impact on our application he has.

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Blazor with CancellationToken support

What happens when a user navigates away and still has a pending request to our server? Or what happens if we have a request which might take forever and wastes our resources?

Let's tackle these problems with a CancellationToken.

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Stop using Finalizers in C#

Finalizers (historically referred to as destructors) are in C# since its dawn of time and are used to cleanup resources. But they should not used in every use-case and can harm your applications performance.

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Tail-Recursion - Explained with the Fibonacci series

What is Tail-Recursion? We will discover this "special" form of recursion on the example of the Fibonacci series. Also we will check how much faster it is and why.

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Why are sealed classes faster in C#? And should I seal them?

In C# we can add the sealed modifier to a class to indicate that no one is allowed to derive / inherit from that class. Let's have a look at the compiler in certain scenarios what happens if you seal a class.

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Passing by value or by reference - What is faster?

When we are passing objects around we can do this either via reference or by value. What of those two methods is faster?

To answer this question we have to dive a bit info what happens exactly when you pass something around and how the other side will receive this.

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ReadOnlyCollection is not an immutable collection

In this blog post we discover how we can mutate a ReadOnlyCollection to have more or less entries than its original state. Readonly does not mean it is immutable. Also we will check out the ImmutableArray.

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Is public const bad?

Is declaring a number or string as public const considered bad practice? Let's have a look what a const variable means in the first place. Let's find out and also check what are the alternatives.

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Modal Dialog component with Bootstrap in Blazor

This short blog post will show you how to utilize Bootstrap to create a small and reuseable ModalDialogComponent.

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4 Different ways of creating an array

In this blog post I will show you 4 different ways of creating an array and how they differ from each other.

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