Abstraction vs Encapsulation


Encapsulation Abstraction Both

Abstract class vs interface

In C# we have abstract classes and we also have interfaces. Both seem very similiar but they are fundamentally different concepts.

Therefore let's discover what the difference is, what the overlap is and when to use what.

Time abstraction in .NET 8

With the upcoming release of .NET, the team introduced an abstraction of time itself. That can bring you major benefits especially if you have to test scenarios where time is a crucial part! Until now, you had to create your own wrapper. This, of course, makes integration with 3rd party libraries tricky.

What is the difference between C#, .NET, IL and JIT?

When you get started or even if you have quite some knowledge it can be confusing to juggle with those terms. So what is the difference between C# and .NET? And what does it have to do with IL and JIT?

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