Interactive LINQ tutorial, especially for beginners


LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a powerful feature of C# that allows you to query data from different data sources. It is a must-have skill for every C# developer. That is why I created:

What is LINQ marbles?

LINQ marbles is an interactive LINQ tutorial that allows you to learn LINQ by playing with marbles. It is a fun way to learn LINQ. And yes, the name and general structure is inspired by RxMarbles.


Right now, you can dynamically add marbles to understand how certain LINQ operators work! Also, you can "install" the application (as an PWA) on your device - so no need of internet connection.


The website is written in Blazor, .NET 8, and a lot of love. If you want to contribute, file some bugs, or have some ideas, feel free to open an issue or a PR. Head over to for more information.

LINQ explained with sketches - the eBook

After covering and collecting multiple parts of LINQ explained with sketches I bundled them all together in a small booklet with more explanation and code samples.

Therefore I present: LINQ explained with sketches - the eBook. Over 30 pages with smaller explanations and more LINQ operations than in my last post. Litte Bonus: There are interactive links with smaller examples to fiddle around with.

LINQ // Skip and Take

Skip and Take are used for pagination or limit the number of elements returned by a query.

Since C# 8 you can use Take with a Range. Let's see some examples.

LINQ explained with sketches

Often times it is easier to have a nice illustration at hand, which explains you things the easy way. So let's do this for a lot of LINQ operations like Where, Select and friends.

Of course a small explanation will be attached as well.

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