Async Await Pitfalls / Guidelines - .NET User Group Zurich Presentation

Here the whole talk on YouTube

Upcoming .NET User Forum Zurich / 6th July 2021

I am looking forward to give a talk about some insights and pitfalls of async / await.

I will talk about the differences between asynchronous and parallel programming. Also a brief outlook how the state machine internally works. Feel free to join here:

Missing Stack trace when eliding the await keyword

You may have heard that when you elide the await keyword in a method that returns a Task or Task<T>, you lose the stack trace. Buy why does that happen? Let's find out!

ASP.NET Core - Why async await is useful

Did you ever wonder why you "should" use async and await in your ASP.NET Core applications? Most probably, you heard something about performance. And there is some truth to it, but not in the way you might think.

So let's discuss this with smaller examples.

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