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Cursed C# - Doing shenanigans in C#

In this short blog post I want to show you two silly things so that you can apply right now! Both of them equally silly, but that is not the point (is it ever?).

We will see how to await an integer or TimeSpan and how to foreach through an integer. All of this thanks to the magic of extensions methods.

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ASP.NET Core - Why async await is useful

Did you ever wonder why you "should" use async and await in your ASP.NET Core applications? Most probable you heard something about performance. And there is some truth to it, but not in the way you might think.

So let's discuss this with smaller examples.

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Async Await Pitfalls / Guidelines - .NET User Group Zurich Presentation

On 6th of July I had the honor to present some topics about async/await. Mainly:

  • What is asynchronous programming
  • Deadlocks and ConfigureAwait
  • How does the state machine work
  • Pitfalls and general Guidelines
  • ValueTask

You'll find all the slides and the whole talk in the blog.

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