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Native DateOnly and TimeOnly support in Entity Framework 8 in SQL Server

.NET 6 brought us two new datatypes: DateOnly and TimeOnly. For those types we don't have any first class support in Entity Framework - until now.

There is a recent change, that hit us with Entity Framework 8 that might ease the situation and brings native support for those types.

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Entity Framework 8: Raw SQL queries on unmapped types

The next iteration of Entity Framework, namely Entity Framework 8, will have a new and exciting feature:

Support raw SQL queries without defining an entity type for the result

That means less boilerplate code!

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Easy Pagination for Entity Framework in 3 steps

Pagination is the process of dividing a set into discrete pages. In the context of Entity Framework, that means we are only getting a certain amount of entries from the database.

And we will implement a very easy solution to make that happen in 3 steps. The result will look like this:

var pagedList = DbContext.BlogPosts.ToPagedList(page: 1, pageSize: 5);

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Delete a record without prior loading in Entity Framework

Sometimes you have an Id of an object and want to delete the underlying thing from the database. But it doesn't make sense to load the whole object from the database to memory first. So how can we achieve this quickly?

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