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Multi-Tenancy with RavenDB and ASP.NET Core

Multi-tenancy is a software architecture pattern where a single instance of a software application is used by multiple customers, with each customer having separate and isolated data, configurations, and resources. RavenDB is a NoSQL document database that provides a flexible and scalable solution for multi-tenant applications. This blog post will explore why multi-tenancy exists, the advantages of using RavenDB for multi-tenant applications, and provide code examples to get you started.

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Easy Pagination for Entity Framework in 3 steps

Pagination is the process of dividing a set into discrete pages. In the context of Entity Framework, that means we are only getting a certain amount of entries from the database.

And we will implement a very easy solution to make that happen in 3 steps. The result will look like this:

var pagedList = DbContext.BlogPosts.ToPagedList(page: 1, pageSize: 5);

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How to unit test a RavenDB

RavenDB is a well known open-source document-oriented databse for .NET. And of course we want to test our logic and not only locally while developing, but also our continuous integration pipeline should be able to run our tests. So let's tackle exactly that.

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