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Anonymous test data with AutoFixture

Often times we have unit or integration tests that rely on some input data. The easiest solution is just to take some hard-coded values and move on with life. This has some major downsides:

Giving specific values in a test carries meaning, but we are often times not interested in that. We just need to pass the object around to fulfill the API. Also the simplest solution to fulfill your test is literally checking against those values.

Here is an elegant solution to that problem: AutoFixture. I will show you what it can do, especially in combination with xUnit.

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Tutorial Unit and E2E Testing in Blazor - Part 1

This blog post should give you an easy and good introduction how to unit and end-to-end test your Blazor Application. Furthermore it does not matter if we are running server side or client side aka WebAssembly. The main two libraries we are using is first bUnit for unit-testing and Playwright for end-to-end testing. So let's dive in!

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